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03. June 2020

Full fruit ahead! Summer is just around the corner and we have a rich power smoothie for hot summer days and the perfect vitamin kick.

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On two wheels through the Paznaun!

28. May 2020

752 mountain bike kilometres, 37 routes and 7 trails: Welcome to the bike paradise of Ischgl!

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19. May 2020

The wait is over! We are happy to inform you that we will start the summer season with you already on July 3rd. We are looking forward to you!

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Tyrolean Schlutzkrapfen

14. May 2020

The best cuisine from Austria. Here you can find the recipe for the traditional Tyrolean dish.

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28. April 2020

Welcome to a place full of magic, where Tyrolean tradition meets culinary pleasure - the Sunnalm, your restaurant in Ischgl! 

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The most beautiful Mother's Day gift

23. April 2020

Mother's Day is coming up. Are you still looking for the right gift for your mother or wife? How about a gift certificate?

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Ready for Summer?

15. April 2020

We've already been on our involuntary break for a month now. But that doesn't stop us from thinking about the upcoming summer!

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Easter customs in Tyrol

09. April 2020

Especially the time around Easter is full of customs and traditions in Tyrol. Especially the Holy Week and Easter Sunday are filled with a lot of Easter customs.

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In ramson fever

01. April 2020

Currently, you can find delicious dishes with ramson almost everywhere and we are also absolutely enthusiastic about this plant species.

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21. March 2020

Unfortunately this year's winter season ended earlier than expected. Nevertheless we could collect many great experiences and moments with our guests.

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International Women's Day on 8 March

06. March 2020

March 8 - Sunday is International Women's Day again. For this reason we would like to introduce you to a few women, who have changed the world. 

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The fasting period has begun

26. February 2020

As every year, Ash Wednesday heralds the start of Lent. What do you fast? If you are still searching, we can give you a few tips on what you can give up these days. 

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Tyrolean Gröstl

21. February 2020

Already next week the fasting period will begin again. Fancy a little sin befor it will start?

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Packing suitcases for Ischgl

14. February 2020

Whether early packer or last minute: Our packing list will help you all to be well prepared for an Ischgl winter trip.

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Romantic to-dos in Ischgl

07. February 2020

In one week will be again the most romantic day of the year: Valentine's Day. But what should you do on this special day? You need an idea for the perfect date!

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Tobogganing tips for even more fun

31. January 2020

Tobogganing is fun for the whole family and a welcome change from skiing or snowboarding. That's why we have a few tips for you on how to make your tobogganing trip even safer and more fun.

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Sauna rules

22. January 2020

Sauna and wellness are just as much a part of winter vacation as skiing and sledding. There is nothing more relaxing than sweating a little in the sauna after a day on the slopes.

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Tyrolean spinach dumplings

17. January 2020

Who does not know it? Cooking every day, new ideas every day - because a varied diet is essential. But what if you just have no more ideas?

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Fors in white 2020 – this year’s motto is…

10. January 2020

On Monday the time has come again: 10 professional sculptor pairs create masterpieces out of snow in the middle of the great mountain scenery of the Paznaun. But which motto will be in the focus of this years art?

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How to keep your New Year's resolutions

03. January 2020

What would the New Year be without good intentions? Again and again we take on many things that we want to improve this year. Here are a few tips from us on how this will work.

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Ruth – a little Christmas story

25. December 2019

A short Christmas story that will make you think.

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Last minute ideas for christmas gifts

20. December 2019

Late again with the organization of Christmas presents? Don't panic, we have a few last-minute gift ideas for you!

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Reasons to celebrate Christmas in Ischgl

13. December 2019

Have you ever thought about spending Christmas relaxed in a hotel? We tell you why that might be a good idea!

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Hello Ischgl winter season of 2019/2020!

29. November 2019

This week it was finally time: The winter season 2019/2020 in Ischgl has begun. Read more about the first day of skiing, what's new this year and also some information about the act of this year's Opening Concerts.

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Tyrolean Kasspatzln

06. December 2019

Real Tyrolean Kasspatzln just like in the ski hut for cooking!

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In the Christmas bakery: Edition IV

21. November 2019

Over the past few years, we have been receiving recipes for typical Christmas biscuits in the pre- Christmas-time. As November comes to an end, we have decided that it's definitely time for the next edition of our Christmas bakery!

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How to express yourself in the Ischgl mountains

15. November 2019

Very soon the winter season will start here in Ischgl. But do yo ustill remember what it means if someone asks you to go aprésna with you? Or if someone wants to drink a Kurvenwasserl with you? We will update your vocabulary!

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The winter has arrived in Ischgl

08. November 2019

The mountains in the Paznaun Valley had already been covered with white snow cover at ever smaller intervals. But this week it was finally time! The first snow fell in Ischgl - in the village!

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Scary sundry pumpkin

30. October 2019

October has established itself everywhere as THE Creepy Time par excellence. Tomorrow is Halloween: A festival that is celebrated very often here in Tyrol. And today we have fitting to Halloween some pumpkin dishes for you.

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The knight from Wiesberg

25. October 2019

Mankind has always been fascinated by myths, fairy tales and legends. Oral traditions, short stories, fantastic events beyond reality. Today, we would like to tell you a legend from Paznauntal.

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The history of the Ischgl smugglers round

17. October 2019

The emergency situation in the postwar period, required sometimes very creative solutions. Therefore, precious goods have been smuggled across almost all borders.

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Mission: Avoiding a cold

11. October 2019

Many love it, others hate it: The golden autumn! But no matter how you think about it, fact is that colds are more common in these months than in many others.

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Insider tip: Autumn in Ischgl

04. October 2019

Ischgl is also a natural spectacle in the mid-season!

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Renovation - Hotel Sonne

29. September 2019

On your hammer - get set - go!! Hardly in the off-season, already the reconstruction and restoration work starts again: Expansion of the oil tank & connection to the gas network, reconstruction & quality investment in the Sunnalm, NEW: private dining room including wine lounge, renovation and renovation of the romantic rooms on the street side, off & new construction of the Elevator over 7 floors, and much more ...

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22. September 2019
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End of the season - summer 2019

15. September 2019

We had a wonderful summer season with sporting events, numerous hikes, culinary highlights, great guests and a reliable team, ... It's time to say THANK YOU!

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06. September 2019

The first snow in Ischgl has fallen and we are getting ready for the winter season! Fortunately, it does not take too long until the 2019/20 season opens with the Top of The Moutain Opening Concert.

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Sweet recipes

01. September 2019

A sweet temptation - make Buchteln yourself! If you do not know them, you have to get to know them ...

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The 11th Paznauner Market Day

23. August 2019

Find out what will happen at the market day and learn a bit about the history of the GenussRegion Paznaun.

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Hiking preparations

16. August 2019

Normally it gets very hot in August - so you should be well prepared if you want to go hiking.

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Make your own ice cream

09. August 2019

Making ice cream does not always have to be difficult. You can also prepare delicious ice cream at home, without an ice cream machine.

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Throwback: The 8th Silvretta Run 3000

31. July 2019

12 days ago, it was again the time of the year: The Silvrettarun 3000 took place for the 8th time last Saturday. And of course we attended the event!

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Ischgl summer – To-dos

17. July 2019

Ischgl should only be a paradise in winter? Tthe person stating this, has never visited our beautiful village during summer.

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Hiking with enjoyment guarantee

02. July 2019

It's time again, the culinary Way of St. James takes place this year for the 11th time. On Sunday, the starting signal for a new round of pure enjoyment & hiking in the Ischgl Mountains!

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17. June 2019

Smoothies are cold mixed fruit drinks - just right for this season! Cool and refreshing, they're hot in summer days and still incredibly healthy.

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03. June 2019

Summer feeling - the sun is shining and we have warm, spring-like 21 ° C. Perfect for the next days to throw on the grill, because the weather should stay that way! We have 2 super simple appetizers - recipes for you. Your guests will love them: Let it taste you!

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The hiking season begins

24. May 2019

The snow has melted, the green meadows are coming to light, flowers are blooming, birds are singing and now the sunshine in Ischgl has reached us. The hiking season can start!

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Everything is new in May

18. May 2019

May is all new - this is the motto that shows nature at its best this month. After the wonderful winter months in Ischgl, the climate warms, the snow melts and under the heavy snow layers the wonders of spring dare to emerge.

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Season review

10. May 2019

Again a winter season came to an end and thanks to you it was wonderful! We dare a short time travel and go back to the beginning of the ...

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Top of the Mountain Closing Concert

30. April 2019

TODAY the time has come - the legendary Ischgl-Closing is just around the corner!

Lenny Kravitz rocks the Idalp!

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Review-Easter Concert

26. April 2019

Who was there? There was a lot going on at this year's Easter Concert on Idalp! With this year's star guest Johannes Oerding, 17,000 winter sports fans celebrated the great Easter weather and the fantastic atmosphere!

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Recipe Idea

19. April 2019

Are you still looking for the perfect soup for the Easter day? You lucky one, we have them for you: cream of asparagus!

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Colouring Easter Eggs

12. April 2019

Colouring Easter Eggs takes part every year! Usually we go to the supermarket and buy the best and most colourful colours that we find on the shelves to conjure up the most spectacular, gaudy, funniest eggs. It is just as good to colour the eggs with natural products - we will tell you how!

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The winter is back

05. April 2019

You have wished it and now the time has come ... The winter has traveled back to Ischgl completly, with all his luggage! We have 30 cm of fresh snow on the slopes!

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Spring - Events

29. March 2019

Spring 2019 has some great events in store for us! In addition to rock legend Lenny Kravitz, stars such as Sarah Connor and Johannes Oerding will rock the stages on Ischgl's summits. So be curious and ready for breathtaking, unique moments!

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3 things for your happiness

22. March 2019

Wednesday was international Day of Luck - that's why we thought we'd show you how close happiness is! Here are 3 tips for your own luck!

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14. March 2019

With HEAD Snowboard the little ones are getting big! They are investing in a sustainable snowboard future. With their Futureheads program, this is possible & this year for the first time, due to high demand, in cooperation with the ski resort Ischgl/Samnaun!

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2 events for the start of the week

07. March 2019

You have no idea how you will make your holiday in Ischgl unforgettable next week? We do! We have 2 events for you that you should not miss!

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Carnival in Ischgl

27. February 2019

On Sunday, it´s PARTY-TIME! The children's carnival takes place in the cultural center St. Nikolaus in Ischgl. Time to slip out of his skin and take on another personality! Fun and colorful moments await you here.

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What do you actually know about Ischgl?

22. February 2019

What do you know about Ischgl and what do you want to know about it? We are looking for the coolest news and facts about the best ski resort in the Alps - be curious!

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15. February 2019

At the weekend, there is every reason to eat cake. That's why we have a great apple strudel recipe for you!

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Pure relaxation

08. February 2019

Put your feet up and enjoy the peace, relax, take a deep breath and forget all around you for a moment! Everyone needs a break, so treat yourself! Wellness is balm for the soul ...

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We need a gift idea!

01. February 2019

Time's running! In two weeks it's time again: it's Valentine's Day - the day of the lovers!

At least now everyone is asking the question: what does one give to his / her sweetheart? We have the solution!

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Off track

25. January 2019

What is your plan for the weekend? To ski! Sometimes we need a change. What could we do with all the snow? Surely you did not do everything this winter! Cross-country skiing? Ice skating? Sledding? Have you already built a snowman?

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18. January 2019

Is Superman the number 1 superhero? In Ischgl he is! From January 7th to 11th the sculpture contest "Formen in weiß" took place in the Silvretta Arena.

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3 lifehacks

11. January 2019

Everyone knows the little troubles of everyday life ... We have 3 lifehacks for you to bypass some of the hassles of winter!

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3 New Year's resolutions for a good 2019

03. January 2019

The time has come: The new year has dawned and just about everyone has made plans to start the new year well. Unfortunately, some intentions are already several years old, because you simply can not manage to implement them ... 

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New Year's in Ischgl

28. December 2018

Soon we have arrived at the last day of 2018. How fast time flies by! We had so many beautiful and unforgettable moments with our family and our guests and many...

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In the Christmas bakery II

19. December 2018

A door, small windows, a roof and a garden have to be decorated - soon is Christmas! And we're not talking about any house, we're talking about a gingerbread house ...

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Winter hiking trails Ischgl

14. December 2018

In Ischgl you can not only hike in summer. Even in winter there are great hiking trails in different difficulty levels - for everyone - for big and small! Here you can, off the slopes, enjoy the mountain panorama, get some fresh air, switch off and relax!

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In the Christmas bakery I

10. December 2018

We write the 10th of December, it snowed in Ischgl and the Christmas spirit has reached us! And now it's time for colorful lights, Christmas smells, bright faces and biscuits! Biscuits over biscuits over biscuits! And the gingerbread should never be forgotten. Christmas time is cookies time!

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Opening Concert Ischgl 2018

29. November 2018

On Saturday it was time again - the new ski season was celebrated properly. This year's star guest: none other than Jason Derulo! In addition to the good slope conditions, especially the superstar lured 18,000 visitors to Ischgl.

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Advent in the village

22. November 2018

The Advent season is the most contemplative time of the year! The city shines in thousands of lights, Christmas trees are decorated, everything smells wonderful, Christmas songs sound out of the speakers and it gets even better...

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Gift Idea: Soap

16. November 2018

You need a little surprise for your friends, a souvenir for the Christmas party? We have a great gift idea ...

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Winterevents in Ischgl 2018

08. November 2018

What's going on in Ischgl? The winter and Christmas season is just around the corner and Ischgl has a lot in store for you. 

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Do you celebrate Halloween in Ischgl?

31. October 2018

Horror scary Halloween!! Today is the day. Not everyone likes it, but everyone knows it!

It is customary to disguise themselves - usually to frightening figures...

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A cozy autumn day in Ischgl

24. October 2018

As happy as we were about the warm, wonderful autumn this year, we are also very happy about the sweater weather! Everyone likes to turn on the stove on a rainy day and just enjoy it - stay at home and be just for yourself! But what do we need on such a cozy autumn day?

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To a legendary winter season 2018/19 in Ischgl

18. October 2018

Summer is over and we are already in the middle of the off-season. Nevertheless, this is not a reason to take a break for us, quite the contrary! We are already preparing for the upcoming winter season...

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Autumn essentials

10. October 2018

We love autumn, its fresh and cold air, its warming sun rays and its beautiful colours! The nights are getting longer again and the temperatures are getting even cuddlier. When the leaves start to change their colours...

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Snow in October?

02. October 2018

Mother Hulda has passed through quite quickly already earlier in autumn. This late summer is a very special one because ...

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Summer throwback Ischgl

21. September 2018

We would like to thank you for the great summer season we had! We want to sum it up for you once again: This summer there were numerous sporting events around Ischgl. Not only the Ischgl Iron Bike Festival and the Silvretta-Ferwall-Marsch...

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NEW from winter 2018/19

11. September 2018

The summer is slowly passing and we are slowly but surely facing the winter. Also this year you can expect some renewal in the ski area Silvretta-Arena, which guarantees even more fun on the slopes. Of course, we'll tell you what Ischgl has in store for you...

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Mushroom time is enjoyment time

04. September 2018

Slowly but surely it gets cooler and the autumn is around the corner. Looked at the culinary way, now begins a very special time. The mushroom season celebrates its high season in cool and humid weather and the mushrooms sprout... 

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The popular trail running week goes into the next round!

28. August 2018

Already next Saturday we will start our legendary trail running week. Of course, we are very happy and are looking forward to the next week. We'll tell you what you can expect during this week and which highlights await you...

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22. August 2018

Without doubt, a perfect holiday can only be ensured with a perfect culinary offer. That’s why we prepare our guests a delicious dish at any time of the day, which will satisfy the culinary delights. Our kitchen crew gives their best...

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The Silvretta-Ferwall-march

13. August 2018

In Ischgl and Galtür there is a lot going on at the moment! Yesterday was the starting signal for the 45th International Silvretta-Ferwall-March. The event has been a real highlight in the Ischgl event calendar for many years and attracts many enthusiastic hiking enthusiasts every year...

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The Berglisee - a little paradise on earth

09. August 2018

Those who have at least researched about a summer holiday in Ischgl surely came across photos of the little lake in the mountains with its ice blue water...

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From Idalp to Paznauner Taja

30. July 2018

The hiking season is in full swing in Ischgl. The Silvretta Arena can’t be beaten on hiking routes and of course it is difficult to choose the perfect hike. To make this decision a little easier, we would like to recommend a nice hike...

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The Ironbike Festival

25. July 2018

The Silvrettarun is only recently over and we already expect the next upcoming highlight - the Ischgl Ironbike Festival from 02.-04. August. The event is an indispensable part of the Ischgl...

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That was the 7th Silvrettarun 3000

18. July 2018

The long wait finally came to an end! Last weekend, the 7th Silvrettarun 3000 took place and the entire team Sonne was in the starting blocks. The motivation was of course huge due to last year's success and we were looking forward to a great day in the Silvretta Arena...

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The Culinary St. Jacob’s Way

12. July 2018

Last weekend, on the 8th July 2018, the 10th opening of the Culinary Jakobsweg took place. Eckart Witzigmann, the chef-of-the-century, launched the event 10 years ago in order to improve the quality of the local Alpenvereinshütten...

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5 reasons for summer holidays in Tyrol

06. July 2018

Summer holidays – where should we go? In the mountains or rather to the beach? We don’t have to ask ourselves this question...

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What's supposed to be in the hiking backpack and what should stay in the hotel room?

27. June 2018

The summer holidays in the mountains are booked and the first hike is waiting just around the corner. But what do you take with you up the mountain and what do you rather leave in the hotel room? We have summed up...

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What awaits us next summer?

20. June 2018

In a few days, the starting signal for the summer season finally falls and we are very happy to welcome the first guests. Again, many highlights await us again this summer, and we are already looking forward...

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Ready for the 7th Silvrettarun?

12. June 2018

The countdown is on and already in one month the legendary Silvrettarun starts into the 7th round. The anticipation is increasing day by day and we already train a lot. When we think back to the past few years, first the special team...

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Thank you Dad!

07. June 2018

On Sunday it’s that time again: it’s father’s day! After mother’s day this day often gets a little bit lost, but we think it is about time to say a big THANK YOU to all the dads...

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Up the saddle and up to the mountain!

30. May 2018

The early summer is currently at its best and the summer season is approaching. High time to pick the most beautiful activities during your stay in Ischgl. In addition to numerous hiking routes, Ischgl also offers a very varied propositions for mountain bikers...

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An adventure holiday with the whole family

23. May 2018

Already in a little bit more than a month we start the summer season 2018 and already welcome the first guests at our hotel. The anticipation is of course huge and we are quite excited, which great experiences we can aspect. Speaking of experiences!...

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The perfect summer holiday with the Silvretta Card

16. May 2018

The Silvretta Arena offers you during the summer holiday in Ischgl something very special. With the free Silvretta Card the holiday in the Tyrolean mountains becomes a double experience...

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Anticipation is the greatest joy

09. May 2018

1st of July we will jump head first in the next season! We can’t wait to give a warm welcome to the first summer guests this year. As there are still some days to go and we all know that anticipation is the greatest joy, we would love to... 

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04. May 2018
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All asparagus!

24. April 2018

Spring time is ...? Correct! Asparagus time! The asparagus is currently an absolute hit on many Austrian menus and convinces with its versatility. Also at our restaurant and hotel the asparagus is currently celebrating its high season and is very popular...

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This was the 21st star cup of chefs

18. April 2018

During the last weekend, Ischgl celebrated the 21st chef's star cup. From the 15th to the 16th of April, the best 50 star and gourmet chefs from Germany, Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland met in the Alpine Lifestyle Mecca...

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10th Ski Wordlcup of Gastronomy

11. April 2018

For the 10th time already hoteliers, waiters, chefs, etc. are fighting for the world champion title in Ischgl again. Here it is not about who is the master of his or her craft...

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Top of the Mountain Easter Concert with Max Giesinger

04. April 2018

Each year Ischgl offers quite a few highlights. One of the highlights of the current winter season definitely was the “Top of the Mountain Easter Concert” on 2.3020 meters altitude. Max Giesinger and approximately 19.000 skiers and snowboarders made the mountain shake...

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Coloring Easter eggs made easy

26. March 2018

Easter is coming up and what should not be missing at Easter? Correct! Colorful easter eggs. The brightly colored eggs have an eternal tradition and are part of every celebration, like the Easter Egg Quest and the Easter Bunny...

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Fit through the spring

21. March 2018

Yesterday was the official start of the spring and many people are suffering from spring tiredness. You feel tired and have no strength despite enough sleep. But what is actually behind this phenomenon... 

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Sun skiing in March

13. March 2018

The deep winter is over and slowly the spring is getting ready in the Silvretta Arena. For us, this is the starting signal for a very special time of the year, which we have been looking forward to for a long time. Of course we would like...

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The classics on Tyrol's menus

07. March 2018

Tyrol is not only known for the mountains, the snow and the fantastic landscape, but also for the many well-known delicacies from the region. Whether sweet or zesty ... we have a lot of well-known delicacies to offer, which may not be missing on any menu in Tyrol...

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The highlights of the past 3 months

26. February 2018

Crazy how time flies! The winter season has been going on for over 3 months and luckily there is no end in sight. In the past months we have already enjoyed many beautiful moments with our guests...

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40 days fasting made easy

21. February 2018

After the carnival comes as every year the fasten period. This special time serves for the fact that you renounces during 40 days on a certain luxury product and prepare... 

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Love is in the air

12. February 2018

Don’t forget! On Wednesday is Valentine's Day! Hardly any other day is so much about love as February 14th. But what is behind this day and why it is called Valentine's Day? Of course, we'll tell you... 

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3 things you can't miss in Ischgl

06. February 2018

The range of leisure activities could not be more varied in the Silvretta Arena. For those who search relaxation as well as for the action vacationers there is the right activity, which make the holiday in Ischgl a great experience. We tell you which 3 things you should not miss during a holiday in Ischgl.

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Our favorite dish Kaiserschmarrn

29. January 2018

Of course, a perfect day on the slopes should not be without a restful stop in one of the many ski huts in the Silvretta Arena. The offer at the ski huts ranges from sweet to spicy and from international to very traditional. Our favourite is and remains the classic Kaiserschmarrn and that's exactly why we want to show you how you can bring home a piece of hut feeling.

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Lights on! Demo show of the ski school Ischgl

22. January 2018

Ready for a special evening? On 9 Tuesdays during the winter season, the Prennerhang in Ischgl turns into a veritable sea of lights. The ski school Ischgl brings with the elaborate and spectacular demo show...

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Winter activities

16. January 2018

You don’t feel like skiing or snowboarding and looking for a suitable replacement program? Then you are exactly right in the Silvretta Arena! Whether it's a ski tour, cross-country skiing, tobogganing, ice skating or winter hiking- there is for sure the right activity for every taste.

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25 years of art made of snow

08. January 2018

It's finally here again! In the Silvretta Arena 10 breathtaking snow sculptures can be admired again. "Shapes in White" is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and for this reason this year's edition of the competition is under a very special star. Have you already discovered one of the creations in the Silvretta Arena?

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Happy New Year

04. January 2018

Time flies and another year goes by. Countless unforgettable moments with our guests made 2017 a very special year. Of course we waved the old year goodbye and welcomed the new year with our team and our guests...

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Smuggler's Run

27. December 2017

Back then it was easier to get certain things elsewhere than in Austria. Therefore border areas used to be popular smuggling regions in timers of need. Butter, cheese and furs were contraband from Paznaun into Samnaun and on the way back home everything short in supply...

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Ski huts in the Silvretta Arena

20. December 2017

After a sporty morning on the slopes, you are usually very hungry and ask yourself, where you can find a good hut with delicious food. The Silvretta Arena has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine and convinces with its large variety of huts. No matter if you prefer a quick snack,...

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With healthy skin through the cold season

14. December 2017

The winter has arrived in Tyrol and the temperatures are falling. Because of the dry air, the strong wind or tight-fitting clothing, our skin is very stressed and requires special care. We like to show you how you can properly care for your skin in winter so you can enjoy the cold season without any problems.

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Santa Claus was here!

06. December 2017

On December 6th, Santa Claus has his big day and fills the children's boots and socks with sweets, tangerines, gingerbread or a small gift. But what is behind this practice and who was actually Nicholas? We'll clarify you the most important facts around the 6th of December!

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Ischgl in Berg-fever

28. November 2017

Last Saturday the time has finally come - Ischgl officially welcomed the winter season 2017/18! The big opening took place with none other than Schlagerqueen Andrea Berg, who offered her fans a breathtaking evening. For us, the season could not have started any better.

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Joy for give away

21. November 2017

In less than a month it is already Christmas Eve and slowly the big search for the perfect gift for the loved ones begins.  So that every one of your family and friends is happy with their Christmas present, we have the perfect gift idea for you. How about a voucher from Hotel Sonne? You can choose between value-, wellness, - and gourmet voucher.

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The Christmas bakery has started

14. November 2017

After the first snow Ischgl has reached, the days are getting colder and the Christmas season is already at the door, it is high time to bake the first cookies in this season. A winter and especially the Christmas season without cookies are conceivable for us and that's exactly why we want to tell you our favourite recipe.

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The first snow is here

07. November 2017

Juhuuu! He is finally here! The first snow! On Sunday Ms. Holle visited us the first time this year and enchanted Ischgl with 35 cm of fresh snow into a winter fairy tale. The joy of the first snow is of course very big and the anticipation of the upcoming winter season is...

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Once upon a time in Ischgl...

30. October 2017

Behind the name of the Hotel Sonne lies a century-long history and an ambitious family, which tries hard to accomplish the wishes of the guests and wants to continue the passion for the profession. The success of the house comes not by chance,... 

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3 things to do in October

24. October 2017

October is slowly coming to an end, and the golden autumn in Ischgl goes in the final days. You have not really taken advantage of the fall yet? Then we have summarized for you the three "must-do"...

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Pumpkins as far as the eye can see!

19. October 2017

Even though the creepy Halloween evening is soon here, where pumpkins are often used for decorating, decorating and carving. But currently the pumpkins...

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Autumn is „Törggele“-time

11. October 2017

Who does not know this wonderfully smelling smell of freshly-baked chestnuts or a spicy Gerstel soup? Then it's high time! Finally, the autumn season is the season ...

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No opening without news!

04. October 2017

There is nearly no summer in Ischgl and the Silvretta Arena where nothing gets rebuilded or renewed. As you may already know, also this summer was or is a year ...

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Goodbye summer = countdown for winter!

27. September 2017

Last week our hotel was ready for a short break after three exciting and special summer months. The summer is over yet and now autumn is here. But as soon as the summer season belongs to the past, ...

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Beauty at its best: Trailrunning-Week!

20. September 2017

The weather in the Tyrolean mountains is well known for its unpredictable and completely new weather conditions within a few hours. And of course you want the best possible weather ...

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Golden autumn

13. September 2017

During the last few days we already got a taste of the upcoming winterseason or especially the autumn. But before winter comes, its time for the golden month of year: autumn. 

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Run fast: The Business Run Ischgl

06. September 2017

For the ones of you who need a short break of all the athletic events – there’s no end in sight! The last sporty highlight in Ischgl is coming and therefore all of us have to collect all the motivation and ...

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Mountainbike-Paradise Ischgl

30. August 2017

Guests have the most various possibilities during their vacation in Ischgl. They can try new sports like running, trailrunning, hiking, climbing, swimming, e-biking, paragliding, ...

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It’s Trailrunning Week!

23. August 2017

As if you’ve already guessed, the next active and athletic holiday week is just a few days away from us. After the Runner’s Week a few weeks ago the Trailrunning Week is upcoming ...

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16. August 2017

Yummy… what smells there so fresh and fruity? The fresh and luscious apricots from the Wachau, which we handled just a few days ago in our 4 star superior cuisine to delicious ...

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Hike & Cuisine on Ischgl’s huts

09. August 2017

Already since 9th July guests from all over the world have the chance to combine hiking with cuisine. You’ve never ever heard something about the culinary St. Jacobs way in Ischgl?

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Helpful tips to cool down

02. August 2017

Altough Ischgl is located on over 1,300 metres altitute and the winters can be very cold, summerdays can get very hot and sticky. Not everyone likes such a heat during a vacation in the Alps...

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The next sports event is imminent

26. July 2017

Slowly the adventurous and exciting July says goodbye – a lot of great events we’e responsible for such a great month. We can’t really decide which event was our favourite one...

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3, 2, 1… go! The BIKER SUMMIT in Ischgl

19. July 2017

You have already heard something about the „Top oft he Mountain…“ but never about the BIKER SUMMIT? We are sure that you will definately remember the Top of the Mountain BIKER SUMMIT ...

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Active & sporty: it’s Runner’s Week!

12. July 2017

Even if the summer is already very sporty and active in Ischgl, this week it’s even more sporty and active in Ischgl and our Hotel Sonne. The reason for that is the Runner’s Week which takes place right now and we are even in the middle of ...

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Partnerhotel of the Global Family

05. July 2017

Poverty, disease or grief – there are many reasons for difficult and hopeless situations. Especially while these desperate moments families need a lot of energy. Families often don’t have time to even think about a holiday because of so much struggle.

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High-Heels for Hiking-Shoes

28. June 2017

Get out of your ballerina-shoes, High-Heels and sandals and get into your hiking- and fitness-shoes so that a very special summer festival in the middle of amazing mountains ...

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Certificate for excellence

21. June 2017

We are in the middle of the preparation phase of the summer season 2017 and the last days are already counted. Already on Monday,...

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A culinary journey

14. June 2017

May we take your hand and lead you trough the world of enjoyment and treats? Maybe you already visited our culinary world and you enjoyed food from all over the world… 

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Sauna in summer?

07. June 2017

You think that a visit in one of our saunas isn’t on point because of the heat outside in summer? Despite the hot temperatures and pure sunshine the daily visit in our sauna or steam bath is a real blessing for your body and mind.

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Alpine lodge-fun & inn-discoveries

30. May 2017

Summertime in Ischgl not only means active hiking or mountainbiking but also alpine lodge-fun and inn-time! Who thought, that we already informed you about all the activities in Ischgl in our last blogpost, has no idea what else awaits you during your stay in Ischgl.

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A very close experience

24. May 2017

Most of the guests remembers Ischgl as an amazing winter-hotspot, especially when every mountainpeak is covered with snow. But Ischgl is also worth a visit in summer!

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Running for a good cause

17. May 2017

Right now we’re in the off-season pause before we are starting at the end of July into the new summer season 2017. We can already reveal, that the summer 2017 is going to be full of active weeks and sporty events.

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Small presents, big effect

10. May 2017

It is already on the fixed date in the early summer month of May and every year you want to make the day as special as possible - the Mother's Day. But what would make your mother happy this day?

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A closing of the special class

03. May 2017

It could not have been more beautiful! Even at the „Frühlingsschneefest“ in Samnaun, best conditions were responsible for such an great event – even if it was so close to the end of the season. As if our wishes had been answered, ...

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Musical greetings of Spring

26. April 2017

The fact that the April in Ischgl is very musically and with top events "filled", we already showed you in this blogpost a few weeks ago. With so much entertainment ...

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What an Easter sunday

19. April 2017

You thought that a spring-like and warm Easter festival in bright sunshine in Ischgl awaits you? Ischgl showed again why you should never...

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Easter 2017 – on Top!

12. April 2017

It’s already time again – the legendary and over the Tyrolean borders well known „Top of the Mountain Concert“ starts again. What has been one of the annual fixed dates ...

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Apres ski in the heart of Ischgl

05. April 2017

If you think about skiing in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps, what can not be missing? Exactly - legendary après ski in the center of Ischgl. 

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Star cup of cooks

29. March 2017

When I think of Ischgl and the numerous grandiose slopes and runs, only skis, snowboards, boots, ski helmets and ski goggles fit. Or maybe not? 

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Ischgl from a different angle

22. March 2017

A breathtaking panorama and the countless surrounding mountain peaks can be seen - one is usually "only" from the mountain peak or the ski slope, which can be reached thanks to the numerous and modern ski lifts. 

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Top 5 of the best ski resorts in the world

15. March 2017

This review can be unambiguous! It is already known that Ischgl is a real paradise for skiers, snowboarders, beginners, ...

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The small wine 1x1

08. March 2017

Around the topic of wine one could philosophize long and almost already fill books with it. There are a lot of theories and there are many more tips and information to help you get a closer look at wine.

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Carnival's ending & start of fasting

01. March 2017

For more than three months the carnival in Austria and Germany was extensively celebrated. Even though most of you often celebrate the „Unsinniger Donnerstag“ or the „Faschingsdienstag“, ...

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More sun & even more fun

23. February 2017

One might think that the ski season in Ischgl is slowly ending. But whoever believes this is wrong! Despite the ever-warmer sunshine, ...

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Freedom & silence

15. February 2017

Entirely untouched slopes, endless expanses, distant vistas and valleys that shine in their most beautiful white ... in your thoughts is already the desire for this complete feeling of freedom wide?

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Ischgl for low budget

13. February 2017

Feeling like home and at the same time spare your money bag - yes, this is also possible in Ischgl. Even if Ischgl is more for exclusivity and luxury, you will also find cheap accommodations, ...

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5 tips for a perfect ski holiday

09. February 2017

Even before you plan a trip, you can provide with useful information for the absolute fun of skiing - and even before you arrive at all! Since Ischgl is already an absolute hotspot for a perfect skiing holiday, ...

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26. January 2017

If you want to go high and would like to experience the Alpenhotspot Ischgl from above, the Ischgl SKYFLY is like! You should also bring a portion of adventure and dizziness, but you should definitely not miss this experience. Well secured, it goes full of adrenaline towards the valley ...

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